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Social Security Administration

Policy Specialists via Instant Message

Working day to day in the FO I have come to realize that there is typically a lot of confusion when it comes to POMS interpretation. Many of my colleuges have trouble researching policy in POMS, especially in the heat of the moment when they are meeting with claimant's (often times angry). I recommend instituting specialists who you can instantly ask policy questions to via instant message and they are able to immediatly... more »



Department of Commerce

Keep Experience Alive

With the country's baby-boomers ready to retire our workforce considerably, I know the government shall start major hiring campaigns in the near future. In my opinion as a government employee, the job we do is more craftsman-like than other types of jobs and that experience gained over the years at our job is what makes a government employee more efficient with time.
For that reason, I feel we can start a program (if... more »