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Department of Energy

Expand Idea Competition to Department Level

Based on the success of the President's SAVE Award, this approach should be replicated within Departments, such as at the Department of Energy, as a way for employees to suggest institutional innovation and to vote on one another's ideas. This could include ideas to save money, promote Department efficiency and effectiveness, enhance transparency, and promote broader engagement with the American people.

One great way... more »



Executive Office of the President

SAVE Idea Voting

Ensure that the "voting" for SAVE ideas is conducted equitably and fair. For example, ensure that submitters can not vote for themselves, that votes can not be placed multiple times by the same individual, and that special-interest groups (that may have extensive resources and therefore many "voters") can not vote-out ideas that they are opposed to. Only this way will even the most "out of the box" ideas be given fair... more »



Department of the Treasury

Organize the SAVE website

This is not an idea to save money but to make it easier for us to vote on money saving ideas. There are currently about 2,800 ideas on the website. There is no way that anyone with a full time job can read through these ideas and vote on them. Can we please have categories (not just tags). For example, there are tons of people who are posting about airline and travel - have that be one category. There are tons of... more »