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Office of Personnel Management

Generate electricity by walking

"Pavegen" manufactures energy generating sidewalks. I.e. Pedestrians generate electricity (approx 2.1 watts per hour per panel) just by walking.

These could be use to generate electricity from foot traffic at security check points, bathrooms, security entryways, tracks or even roadways etc --- anywhere where there is heavy foot traffic.

This not only helps with generating electricity but also helps to move the government... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Upgrade & Utilize Laptops w/Docking Station–Eliminate Desktops

It is common practice to issue laptops and desktops to designated individuals, doubling the burden on OIT support staff (Both Help Desk, DSM) as well as Asset Management and the user to keep all the hardware/software current with system updates. Note: To maintain COOP readiness all computers must be up to date and ready for service with minimal intervention.
Beyond support there is a direct cost associated with having... more »