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Department of Agriculture

Limit farm program payments to 1 farmer with 1 entity

Currently we have a group of large producers who have figured out how to scam the system and max out program payments by developing multiple entities for their operations. I work with one producer who now has 6 separate entities. "It is all legal" he says as he collects many thousands of dollars of taxpayer dollars while expanding his operation and helping to raise land values in the county. He is not alone. Many farming... more »



Department of Energy

change payment clauses in contracts 4 partial payment in coins.

The US has a lot of dollar coins in storage. Moslty at Federal Reserve Banks and Leased Space. Change the payment section of the contracts to allow payment in Coins. This would require either an address where the coins will be delivered or and andress where the coins can be picked up by the contrator.

By using these coins, which have been minted allready, the government would not have to borrow that money,

A payment... more »