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Department of Defense

Use Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for IT Cost Savings

The idea is to use an open standard Enterprise Service Bus that integrates the functionality of a service oriented architecture (SOA), which can create a more agile and effective enterprise solution, to significantly reduce cost, provide a more flexible and adaptable environment, and resolve current interoperability issues that hinder the use of web technologies.This solution will: 1. Reduce cycle time of IT acquisition... more »


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Environmental Protection Agency

EPA Goodwill Ambassador Program - Filling the GAPs

The EPA Goodwill Ambassador Program (GAP) is a proposed pilot program designed to allow those EPA employees interested in traveling to areas at or near other EPA offices the opportunity to work partial days or weeks as a visiting staff member (“Ambassador”).

The idea for this program came from my long-standing belief that in order to establish better communications between EPA Regions and Headquarters as well as to... more »