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Department of Housing and Urban Development

Government Miles Account

The very nature of the Federal Government requires its employees to travel frequently, and sometimes long distances to do business around the country and globe. Unfortunately, most domestic agencies feel heavily constrained in their travel budgets. Oftentimes, employees must pass opportunities to work in the field with constituents due to travel budget constraints.

Sub-departments in each agency should be allowed to... more »



Department of Energy

Reduction in InternationalTravel Costs by Senior Officials

I suggest the U.S. Department of Energy can save a large percentage of its international travel budget by foregoing, by senior officials, advance personnel and teams from the Department of Energy to support the traveling official on overseas trips. U.S. Embassy personnel can readily perform such duties in an exemplary fashion and routinely provide services beyond the capabilities of agency advance teams. Advance teams... more »



Department of Commerce

"Tech for Travel": Incentivise videoconferencing, reduce flights

I propose that the government green operations and adopt new technology by launching a "Tech for Travel" program that would enable agencies to plan a reduction in air travel and re-purpose those funds to support investments in video conferencing equipment. Presently, agencies are pressured to spend all of their appropriated funds at the risk of a budget cut the next fiscal year (or more bluntly "if you don't use it,... more »