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Department of the Treasury

Eliminate Paper Tax Processing Utilizing Treasury Lockbox Banks

While great strides have been made recently to get more folks to file online (which substantially reduces labor costs for the government), there's no reason why the remaining paper filings (of which there will always be some) couldn't be digitized by lockbox banks (or the Federal Reserve) servicing the IRS. Since these banks are already processing remittances for deposit, why not have them digitize filings so that they... more »



Office of Personnel Management

MANDATE saving files in a smaller format

Saving a scanned file in a smaller format uses less space on the database, and in turn decreases the needed amount of database storage and network bandwidth.

Scanned files are automatically saved in a large size. (roughly 1.5 Megs) Furthermore, when the file is opened it has to be "unzoomed" to order to read over it. This is a waste of time and a waste of database and network bandwidth.

If it is mandated that files... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Establish consistent, universal electronic filing methods

Establish consistent, universal electronic filing method across governmental organizations for information on projects/databases/A-files, etc. to reduce the need for physical filing. If employees have confidence in finding electronic files, they’re less likely to create duplicate caches of information; also, this will enhance the speed and efficiency of all processes.

In addition, centralize printing facilities within... more »



General Services Administration

Support Digital and Electronic Documentation

i am new to the federal government, coming in I heard about how green we are and how we've been working hard to reduce the number of printers and the amount of paper we use. This is an outright pack of greenwash!

Since joining I have noticed that for every 6 cubes there is a printer! The office I left had one multi-function machine for 45 people, yet my new colleagues continue to go on and on about how much paper they... more »