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Department of Defense

Implement Enterprise Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Implement enterprise VDI solution such as Citrix XenDesktop or VMWare View. This will:
1. Move sensitive data off the PC and back into the secure data center
2. Reduce power consumption by replacing power hungry PC's with zero clients
3. Eliminate need for EUD refresh every three years - moves EUD refresh to 7-10 year mark (plus, zero clients are a third of the price of PC's)
4. Virtualize application delivery in... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Upgrade & Utilize Laptops w/Docking Station–Eliminate Desktops

It is common practice to issue laptops and desktops to designated individuals, doubling the burden on OIT support staff (Both Help Desk, DSM) as well as Asset Management and the user to keep all the hardware/software current with system updates. Note: To maintain COOP readiness all computers must be up to date and ready for service with minimal intervention.
Beyond support there is a direct cost associated with having... more »



Department of Health and Human Services

Remove Desktop Computers, Install central Office level servers

As everyone is aware, computers are everywhere. What most people do not realize is how little your computer is being used. Like the human brain most computers are only using a fraction of their available power. Other computers have too little memory or are kind of slow.

What can be done is to do away with the individual desktops and install a large, powerful central computer for multiple users. The theory works like... more »


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