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Department of Transportation

New railroad barons

Allow more and small competitors into the railroad system. Much like the POD self storage concept, commerce could be greatly added by a system that picks up containers in say New York and drops them in California. By getting more players in the container pick up and delivery system, we could generate more use of existing rails without costly expansion. Currently full truck trailers are transported by train in certain... more »


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Postal Service

Post Office Should Charge for Home Delivery

It doesn't make sense that it costs money for a person to rent a box at the Post Office, but it's free to receive mail at home. If any other business ran their company this way they'd be out of business. Doesn't it cost more money to deliver mail across town than to stuff mail in a slot at the Post Office?

The Post Office could charge a nominal fee to deliver mail to individual homes and a reduced fee to deliver mail... more »