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Office of Director of National Intelligence

Encourage use of existing Collaborative Communication tools

There are not many government wide video conferencing systems. One is the Tandberg VTC system. The equipment is overpriced, proprietary, and so are the licences. Literally thousands of dollars per unit.

Another services is Defense Connect Online (DCO) which utilitzed web-based adobe connect on the backend. This excellent service is already available to government organizations on multiple networks with NO cost to participants.... more »


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Department of Defense

Mandate Training on Defense Connect Online

All new employees and current employees should receive basic training on and be encouraged to use Defense Connect Online (DCO) to hold meetings that require people from outside the office to participate but require more than just a telephone line. DCO allows participants to see briefs and video and files opened from a person's desktop. This colloborative online meeting capability will pay off big time in reducing costs... more »