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Department of State

default printer settings on all USG computers

With move to paperless offices, it is astounding how many people print and then scan hard copies back to make them into e-documents. Users are often not aware that they can "print to PDF" format direct from their desktops, and have the "scanned" document immediately available.

What a waste of time and paper, not to mention additional hardware support and maintenance to the required scanners and printers.

Save paper... more »



Department of Labor

get un/under-employed working to increase the tax base

Save money by paying down the debt, and don't let default happen (or else interest rates rise, and the US debt will crush us!). The equation is taxes on income are source of funding for Govt. Currently govt is working on the wrong part by thinking to reduce Soc Sec, Medicaid, which help people, while ignoring the fact that TWENTYFIVE PERCENT of workers are UN/UNDER-EMPLOYED!! (9% unemployed, 17% underemployed = 26%) Now... more »



Postal Service

Post Office Should Charge for Home Delivery

It doesn't make sense that it costs money for a person to rent a box at the Post Office, but it's free to receive mail at home. If any other business ran their company this way they'd be out of business. Doesn't it cost more money to deliver mail across town than to stuff mail in a slot at the Post Office?

The Post Office could charge a nominal fee to deliver mail to individual homes and a reduced fee to deliver mail... more »



Legislative Branch

Stop Picking up Pennies in Front of a Speeding Steamroller

The current budget process is like a game to see who can pick up the most pennies in the path of a speeding steamroller. The inability to get things done related to the debt ceiling has had a significant impact on the financial markets, with severe downturns in the stock markets, and the cost of borrowing will now increase.