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Department of Commerce

Data Center Manager Position Classification

The Federal Government has undertaken the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative which seeks cost savings through consolidation and efficiency improvements. Data Centers account for huge energy consumption, and if not managed properly, can be serious energy abusers. Professional Data Center Managers are well versed in the problems data centers face, and are prepared to take action to improve efficiency and lower... more »



Department of Health and Human Services

All Department and Agency Data centers under One Federal Cloud

Move all data centers under Federal clouds (private like clouds for all Federal agencies, managed by one agency – physically spread out through out USA), we can make federal agencies (at least the civilian ones) use it on a pay and use basis. So, I am suggesting eliminating numerous agency specific data centers in the favor of one Federal cloud.

Some of the features will help in reduction cost are:

Eliminating redundancy... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Using curtains in data centers to reduce enviornmental profile

This is a simple, cost effective, and efficient way to help reduce the environmental profile (cooling) of our data centers. For a minimal cost we could potentially save a lot of money trying to cool our IT data centers. Using only a plastic (or similar material) that would add an extra layer of abstraction between the hot and cold aisles in our data centers. They are easy to maintain and are made so as to not hinder... more »


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