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EXOP - Office of Management and Budget

Two Year Budget Cycle

This is nothing new. Instead of the typical one year budget cycle, I suggest a two year cycle. This would cut down on budget hearings and better stabilize longer-term planning and contracts.

For the implementation period, we would simply take the first year's budget and multiply that by the projected inflation rate for the second year and combine the total for our 2 year budget. For emergencies, there is the supplemental... more »



Department of Commerce

Multi-year funding for operating/maintaining ships

Appropriating multi-year funds to pay for operation and maintenance of Federal ships would save millions of dollars in costs incurred each year. These costs result from our ability to plan and manage being impeded by uncertain budgets and delayed appropriations. This leads to:
- Deferring necessary maintenance that results in catastrophic failures that need expensive repair instead of paying for relatively inexpensive... more »