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Department of Defense

Why pay people to leave or stop working?

Does it make sense to pay people to leave the government workforce [in reference to Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay (VSIP) Programs]? If someone wants to leave let them leave. If we're trying to match workforce requirements with budget availability, then hire more contractors and less civil service workers. It appears to be much easier and cheaper to reduce the government workforce by modifying the annual contracts... more »


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Social Security Administration

Civil Service Management Qualification Act

To improve the civil service over all departments and agencies, guarantee competence.

GS-15's get to a salary ranking at the 98%ile on the distribution of compensation published by the SSA Actuary ( Just add one sentence to Title 5, the Civil Service statutes:
"As of 1 year from date of enactment, no person shall be appointed to, NOR REMAIN encumbering any management... more »