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Legislative Branch

Combine Online Systems (Websites) Used by Federal Employees

We use over 10 separate online systems to take care of daily administrative tasks, and I believe that we should combine them all into one website, similar to how Google lets you switch between e-mail, calendar, documents, photos, etc. with a simple mouse click.

Combining all these systems into one system and hosting it on a centralized server would take advantage of economies of scale, greatly reducing the electricity,... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Centralize Security Clearance Processing

One centralized agency that processes security cearances for all DoD, Federal Agencies with the capacity to process security clearances according to the unique requirements of each requesting agency. I would recommend it fall under the Department of Homeland Security since they have the logical organizational structure to know firsthand information that is vital to National Security.



Department of Health and Human Services

Information Management Portal - CLS

Within HHS-ACF, we have been able to reduce the amount of time we have spent with admin duties regarding the on/off boarding of employees, manage user accounts & contact information and reduce the amount of paperwork we deal with by 100% with the use of the ACF Contact List System (CLS).
Not only have we been able to reduce the time spent on administrative functions & paperwork but we have been able to control costs by... more »