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Department of Health and Human Services

Office Refurbushing Scheduling Adjustment

The contract under which my Federal Government offices rented space had a clause providing a schedule for updating our space to include reconfiguration of rooms, new paint and new carpets. If such automatically scheduled refurbushing clauses in Federal rental agreements could be changed to longer periods between updates with a single notice, this would provide an untapped source of savings without additional administrative... more »



Department of the Interior

Audit GSA

Annually, GSA costs us money. They control when we renew our lease and they write the lease. In some cases they are also paid the rent agreed upon in the lease. This is circular and quite costly. The same is true for GSA vehicles. They charge us and decide when we have to return the vehicle. Then the process of returning the vehicle costs us both time and money- some of that money is paid to GSA. Why do they exist? I... more »



Legislative Branch

Why does the Government RENT SO MANY OFF SITE buildings?

There is so much government land and military facilities (forts, bases, etc.) where land is available to build on, why not build Government buildings on Government property instead of renting?

I know sometimes this is necesary depending on the location, but not always!

I personally know of many off site Government buildings that are being rented, some for many, many years!

In the long run – lots of RENT money wasted.... more »