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Executive Office of the President

The United States Government is the Worlds Largest Non Profit

Run it like one. We're not always busy. We're here when you need us... Pay us less. Train us to do better jobs, pay for our education, and then let us rejoin the private sector before we get a pension. Entry level US Government jobs, should be treated like the Millitary, come here, get skills, and then go do useful work. Cut management by at least 50%, it's almost all useless bureaucrats anyway. Use that money... more »



Department of Defense

Change Travel Regulation to Incentivize Savings

The JFTR should be changed to allow members to both seek less expensive travel options on an individual basis, as well as benefit from those savings.

Frequently, the government rate for airfare, hotels, and rental cars is much higher than the rates available to travelers making personal reservations.

Similar to the Personally Procured Move program that allows PCS'g members to capture a monetary incentive for finding... more »