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Department of Health and Human Services

Disabled Adult Children or SSI

Individuals who are found disabled prior to age 22 can receive benefits from a parent's record their entire lifetime if they have no work history. Other people without a work history that are disabled are only eligible for Supplement Income. In cases where entitlement to Adult disabled Children's benefits exceed the SSI max benefit, the benefit should cap at the SSI max.



Department of Defense

Decrease Disability Eligibility/Increase Contribution to Society

There are over 8 million persons receiving SSI with over $4.3 billion spent in just the month of June 2011. This seems excessive. I don't mind helping support someone that is doing their upmost to help themselves. It seems perhaps too many people qualify to receive SSI benefits. I suggest relooking at the qualifications including limiting disabilities to a smaller number of situations (perhaps not including self perpetuated... more »



Legislative Branch

Reduce Social Security Disability Backlog and Save Millions

I am a currently a 34 yr old Social Security Claims Representative. I have also been a Program Analyst at SSA headquarters in Baltimore for two years and have a background in policy. From my experiences on both the technical part of the job and the higher level, I think that if we revamp just one policy we could save millions.
Currently, for disability benefits, we pay up to one-year retroactive monthly benefits. Our... more »