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General Services Administration

Summer Business Casual Dress Code = Less A/C

Why are federal employees expected to wear suits and ties during summer? The summer dress code for all federal workers should be changed to business casual [including golf shirts] and the ambient indoor temperature of federal office buildings should be increased 5 degrees. Employees will be more comfortable at work and commuting on mass transit, no more complaints about overly air conditioned offices, and the government... more »



Executive Office of the President

dress code appropriate for the weather/temperature

A majority of the energy cost in my home is due to heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. I would assume that a massive amount of federal money goes to heating and cooling office space.

Current dress codes and customs suggest that a person should dress exactly the same in both winter and summer. This requires more heating/cooling costs for buildings as they try to reach 70 degrees for every work day. Instead,... more »



Department of Health and Human Services - IMB

Dealing with Hot Flashes and Cold Flashes

Can we have designated temperature zones at work places: These are real distractors at work. Ever noticed the space heaters at office.. and resulting double drain on power -one to run the AC and the other to keep the personal heater running.

With the cold air from the air conditioning running full blast, comes the misery for a few with genuine body temperature regulation issues. Some may have hypothyroidism. They usually... more »



Department of Housing and Urban Development

Limiting Air Conditioning

I do not know how it is for other offices or agencies, but the Air Conditioning at HUD is overused and a waste. The Temperature is set to a degree, where employees are bringing in their own personal heaters, creating an even bigger wastage. Air conditioning should be at a comfortable level during the Summers, and heat should be limited during the Winters. Employees are just sitting around at their desk most of the time,... more »