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Department of Homeland Security

Unproductive employees occupying valuable positions.

There are too many employees in the federal government that are not getting the job done! A new people strategy needs to be implemented in the federal government to encourage hard work. What ever happened to 'working hard and doing your best, or else you'll be replaced'? Do we want to be a competitive country? Why do we continue to tolerate mediocrity?

I propose the following strategy, with the goal of placing the... more »



Social Security Administration

A Lean clean working machine

Problem: Some of the government workforce is sluggish, somewhat incompetent for the job they are selected for. So instead of fitting people and their abilities with the work that has to be done, we just push the employee to the side and hire a contractor. This wastes the government money, on the employee salary and on the extra expense of hiring a contractor. Another similar issue is that one area has a great number... more »