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Department of Energy

Pull the string – Use office window shades

Approximately 50% of the U.S. Government’s energy budget is used to heat, cool and move AIR! Windows in leased and owned government offices all around the country are already equipped with simple Levelor-brand and other brand venetian blinds. In almost all cases, these taxpayer-supported blinds are rarely used and just hover silently in their hoisted position at the top of the windowsill year in and out. I suggest a simple... more »



Department of Transportation

Building energy conservation by closing window blinds

Suggestion: Have cleaning staff and/or employees close their shades, curtains, or blinds when they leave the office to save on air conditioning energy during the summer.

Rationale: People or occupants can always open the shades during the day if they want more natural light and/or visibility to the outside. However, when an office or area remains unoccupied and the summer sunlight streams in through the windows, a... more »