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Department of Defense

US Government Overspending

The US Governemnt pays top dollar on everything that they purchase. WHY!? We buy most things in bulk and you would think that we would get it for a cheaper price but we don't. Stop the useless overspending. I am an aircraft mechanic for the DoD and US Air Force Reserves. when we pay $250,000.00 for a winch it's getting a little ridiculous or $70,000.00 for a windshield, or even $5.00 bot a 10 cent bolt. Needless to say... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

VA Employee Bonuses

Since the Veterans who receive compensation benefits for service connected disabilities have not had a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) in many years; And, since the Federal Employees at the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) continued to receive COLAs until this year; And, since the VBA offices are allowed to establish their own production goals while still struggling with the backlog to adjudicate claims; It would... more »


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Department of Homeland Security

Put an end to "use it or lose it funding"

All federal agencies I've been involved with go through the same thing at the end of every fiscal year - a huge spending spree, many times on items not needed, to spend down money before it is swept away. A big reason for this is fear that the budget requests for the following year may not be approved if the agency did not spend it's entire budget in the current year.
This is wasteful spending of money. The so called... more »