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Department of Homeland Security

Use site-to-site VPN + Broadband instead of slow leased lines

The use of site-to-ste VPN's running over business class Broadband connections will provide greater bandwidth and lower costs to many small government sites.


Many small government offices are connected with slow 1.5Mb/s T1 connections at a cost of hundreds of dollars per month per line. Most government offices in the U.S. have high speed broadband available at under half the cost and serveral times the speed.



Department of Health and Human Services

Cloud Technology to replace VPN maximize telework

Currently many employees can only access agency files via VPN connection, and then in a very limited manner, i.e., network drives are not available, items cannot be printed, etc. Furthermore, few systems, such as records management and case management systems are fully automated. Simultaneously, there is a government-wide push to move more business to telework environments. If we embraced a movement to cloud technology,... more »