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Department of the Interior

No GovTrip

We need to eliminate GovTrip and process reimbursements internally. GovTrip charges $15 per transaction and then even more if you book through them or have to make changes later. Imagine how many millions of dollars this is every year. The vouchers are reviewed and approved by people in the same agency already, so why not do away with GovTrip and just let reimbursements be processed internally within our own angecy/bureau... more »



General Services Administration

Combine Local Travel Vouchers

A local travel voucher can cost about $6 per submission. If you need to voucher out $10 or some small amount, this $6 can be cost prohibitive. Have the capability to voucher out more than one trip in one voucher - thus, the cost would still be $6 per voucher, but you would have multiple trips and would not have to pay that fee each time. The same is true for overnight trips (you should be able to voucher more than... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Abolish the paper trail

Abolish the paper trail!

Save the government time & money! We can even reduce privacy violations by eliminating the need for information to be recorded or transferred via paper.

This can be accomplished in the following ways:

-Discontinue use of paper encounters which record information when a patient checks in for an appointment by implementing an electronic device(lap top, tough book, ipad) to record this information... more »