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Department of Homeland Security

Voluntary Use of Personal Cell/Smart Phone to Reduce Gov Costs

In one hand is my personal smart phone. I love it. I pay for unlimited voice and data with this phone. I can surf freely and without guilt that I'm wasting government money when I do so. It's also faster and more flexible than...what I hold in my other hand, my blackberry. I hate it. I only use it for government business which is largely viewing e-mails when I'm off site. So I carry two of these devices around.... more »



Department of Education

Launch a Government-wide Voluntary Furlough Program

Allow Federal employees to take Leave Without Pay (LWOP) for up to two weeks annually for vacation, family needs, medical, inclement weather. Employees could use the furlough days in one week increments or use a day or two on an as-needed basis throughout the year. Agency Personnal Offices would use a special code that would be used for this leave option so that actual savings can be tracked. Even though employees can... more »



National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Cell phone/Smartpone Turn-in Program

Background assumption:
1) Most government employees have their own cell phone/smartphones and associated data packages for their personal use.
2) From my research the government pays over $100 per month per Iphone.

Idea synopsis:
1) Perform a government wide survey to provide a preliminary assessment of the annual savings if the government offered a small monthly stipend to move current government cell phone/smartphone... more »