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Office of Personnel Management

Enervate Veteran's Preference

Veteran's Preference causes agencies to pass on better candidates and hire veterans. While this may be a good thing for veterans and for armed services recruitment, it costs agencies (and taxpayers) dearly.

Weaken Veteran's Preference by making it easier for agencies to pass on veterans instead of jumping through a score of bureaucratic hoops, re-posting jobs all together, or simply hiring the veteran instead of their... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Change Veteran's preference to vets hired, not vet ownership

The current system of Service Disabled Veteran Owned contracting preference has caused the cost of constuction to soar unnecessarily.While well intentioned, it has created a very limited pool of vendors with little incentive to be competitive. I would recommend that a minimum scaling factor for percentage of veterans employed would do far more to improve the lives of our returning veterans, including those who are service... more »