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Department of the Treasury

'P.U.S.H. Discounts' Savings Initiative

I suggest implementing a "'Payments Upfront Secure Healthy (P.U.S.H.) Discounts' Savings Initiative" immediately throughout the federal government to identify opportunities for significant discounts on purchases from vendors in exchange for upfront (instead of monthly or quarterly) payments to the vendors. This " 'P.U.S.H. Discounts' Savings Initiative" would enable the government to acquire the same - or better - quality... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Govt purchases deeply discounted products & earns reward points

The U.S. government is an enormous consumer of products that are available to the mass public. The public chooses from sellers that offer the best discounts and reward programs. The government should reap these same benefits available to the public when purchases are made for government use. is a shopping site that provides access to Overwhelming Offers from thousands of sellers and offers a points program that... more »


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Department of Commerce

Eliminate GSA Schedules and Reform Government Procurement

Currently the GSA Schedules is a joke at best and a total waste at worst in terms of price discount for the goods and services purchased by the federal, state, and local governments.

Most of the pricing on the GSA Schedules are only 10-30% off the vendors’ list prices. The U.S. federal government agencies have consistently failed to realize any cost savings in its procurement practice based on the useless GSA Schedules.... more »