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Department of Justice

BOP Make it easier to work with other agencies and depts.

There are 5 major government agencies located within 35 miles of our institution. BOP, Dept of agriculture, Forest Service (is that Dept of Ag too?), Park Service (or is it this one in dept of AG), and Social Security.
The paperwork to work with each agency is almost prohibitive, along with staff from each one not wanting to deal with it as well. Particularly when it comes to recycling.
If they all consolidated their... more »



Department of Agriculture

Stop giving GS-11's and higher large cash awards at this time

Currently, 1% of a National Forest in a region is allotted very large cash bonus awards for higher GS level employees. A GS-11 or higher could actually get $1000-1500 in one award. Either stop this large amount entirely or reduce it to no more than $100 per award during this economic crisis.

On the same note, raise the taxes on GS-11s and higher AND/OR just allow GS-9's and lower to have their COLA back. The cost of... more »