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Department of Health and Human Services

Onfile Archive for Office of Grants Management

Recently the Office of Head Start launched its Head Start Enterprise System (HSES). It's a great green tool for OHS and its grantees, allowing us to share files through a singular source.

I propose a similar tool for the Office of Grants Management. Rather than mailing hard copies to the Regional Office, grantees can simply upload documents for OGM to archive accordingly. This would reduce filing, use of stationary,... more »



Department of Energy

Electronic documents save money

Here at the Golden Field Office, we send grant documents to Intellectual Property in Chicago for every grant and modification that is completed. This results in anywhere from 20 to 60 pages being printed and shipped to Chicago. Instead of wasting paper, ink, and shipping costs (as well as the pollution byproducts), we should be able to send the digital files directly to Chicago via email or upload. This would have... more »