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Office of Personnel Management

Auction off unneeded/unused government equipment

Too many pieces of equipment that would be useful in a civilian atmosphere are locked up in storage rooms or warehouses under the auspice that they may again, someday, be used --- only to spend their entire life gathering dust.

Office supplies, computer perhipherals, storage units etc could all be auctioned off to civilians or private industry for usage.

Retaining these items only takes up valuable storage space and... more »



Department of Defense

Mandatory DRMO use

The Gov., DoD in particular has a DRMO system for liquidating or reassigning used equipment. Although the idea is good, I have noticed that the DRMO is often ignored by the DoD agencies when it comes time to acquire equipment. For one example, my base waited 2+ years & spent @ $600K to acquire a new crane. My base is @ 40 mi. from a DRMO through which at least 6 apparently useable cranes went to sale by DRMO in that... more »



Department of Energy

Unused Cell Phones, Air Cards, International Calling Plans

The government should require that any phone carrier automatically close any cell phone or air card account (number) that has not been used for over 30 days. The phone company will continue to bill the government until they are formally notified. If an Aircard or Cell Phone has not been used in thirty days, it is rare that the employee needs the device or can justify the need.

Also, International plans should require... more »