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Department of Homeland Security

Unproductive employees occupying valuable positions.

There are too many employees in the federal government that are not getting the job done! A new people strategy needs to be implemented in the federal government to encourage hard work. What ever happened to 'working hard and doing your best, or else you'll be replaced'? Do we want to be a competitive country? Why do we continue to tolerate mediocrity?

I propose the following strategy, with the goal of placing the... more »



General Services Administration

Firing Unproductive GS Employees

The time and energy required to fire unproductive government employees is excessive and dissuades action. As a result, the effort is rarely made. The employee continues to be unproductive and the rest of the office is forced to pick up the load. Poor productivity is not tolerated in the private, for profit sector. Shouldn’t be when working for the government either.



Department of Veterans Affairs

Dismantle the federal unions

While I do agree that unions provide a counter to management excess I also witness the employee excess they encourage. I work in a highly technical group with ~30 other GS-13/14 employees. 2 of them are technically incompetent. One frequently sleeps at his desk. Both are union members so management turns a blind eye rather than deal with the "red tape" required to address the situation.

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Department of Defense

Eliminate National Guard Guidance Memo 16-01 requiring ISOPREP

The memorandum states, “All AGR, Traditional
Guard, ANG Technicians, DoD Civilians, and DoD
Contractors assigned to the ANG must complete an
ISOPREP prior to going on OCONUS leave,
deployment, or TDY. All others must complete an
ISOPREP within two years of the signing date of this
(GM 16-01) document.” - Prior to this memo only those personnel at high risk of being captured or becoming hostages were required to have ISOPREP.... more »