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Department of Health and Human Services

Stop TV givaway to Welfare receipients.

The Federal Government should stop giving welfare receipients, not sure which welfare program, Free Televisions sets. I mean, no one every gave me a free TV.

Oh, my mistake. the premise of this is totally untrue. Just like the premise of newly arrived imigrants getting Social Security Disbility payments. And it happens to be the number 7 suggestion.

I'm currious to see how many "likes" this false premise gets.... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Replace Cable /Satelite in waiting areas with Digital Antenna

Within almost every waiting area in every Federal building there is a TV. These TV's show HDTV programing with tons of TV channels. This is unnecessary and can be fixed by replacing the current systems with Digital antenna's. These systems also show local HD programming at only the cost of equipment. There is potential to save millions by getting out of contracts with Cable/Satelite providers.



Access Board

Waste of money on big screen tvs.

Every time I go into any medical facility or pretty much any office I see big flat screens with "sign in" scrolling on it. What happened to good old dry eraser boards? Not only that, but there is a flat screen every 10 feet with some random useless information that could just be written on a dry erase board. Save money and have more regulation on the people that are in charge of ordering items.