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Department of Defense

Reduce TSP Matching $$ to 3% for all Fed Gov't Employees

Currently, the fed gov't will match up to 6%. Only the most profitable for-profit businesses do this for their employees. Most businesses match at 3% or less. As the fed gov't is a non for profit entity, this matching is a benefit, and personnel have access to TSP, pension, and SS reducing the TSP matching amount to 3% would save the gov't billions of dollars while not providing any undue hardship on its employees.... more »



Department of the Treasury

Broaden TSP Fund Options and Open to Non Feds (for a fee)

In order to make the TSP more attractive and competitive with “like” institutional investment entities (i.e. TIAA CREF, Vanguard) I believe several indexed fund options should be added. These options would provide the opportunity for a more balanced portfolio. Once in place, their management would not adversely impact TSP operating cost. Here are the funds:

- T-Fund: Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS)... more »