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Executive Office of the President

Save trust fund while stimulating economy

Less than one half of one percent of people collecting disability ever get off it. The number one reason clients at Vocational Rehabilitation do not move on to work, is because there are no jobs. Corporations are not creating jobs because they can make more money investing excess funds than creating jobs. EVERYTHING a corporation spends money on is tax deductable.

What if we gave all types of businesses a DOUBLE tax... more »



Social Security Administration

24 Hours Could Save 24 Hundred, Thousand or Even Million for SSA

I am suggesting that Social Security implement an automatic one day hold on all benefits payable above one’s regular monthly amount. This would give employees one extra business day to correct mistakes that may cause incorrect payments. Currently, we have an Expert (PETE) double check amounts larger than a certain amount. However, this money has already been released and recovery of any overpayment is subject to due process... more »