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Department of Veterans Affairs

Save millions by stopping payment of duplicate benefits.

The primary purpose of the limitation on VA compensation and pension in 38 U.S.C. ยงยง 5313(a) and 1505(a) is to eliminate a double burden on United States taxpayers where an incarcerated veteran is already being supported by government funds provided for the operation of a penal institution.

The legislative history of this issue also notes Congress' concern that the purpose of compensation and pension is to replace... more »


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Department of Defense

Use of recycled water for irrigation

The command I work at is about 1 mile from the sewage treatment plant. After treatment the water can be used for industrial uses but doesn't meet the drinking water standard. I suggest the water from the plant be piped over for irrigation of lawns, cooling, steam and other industial uses. This would save the command from buying city water. If not reused, the treated water is discharged into the bay by the treatment... more »