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Department of Commerce

Actual Expense Reimbursement for Gov. Travel

Eliminate the automatic payout of full per diem for MI&E. Most employees pocket this money and eat at the hotel for free or eat cheap. Very few, if any, actually use the full per diem. By paying back the employee for actual expenses incurred this will save the government billions over the years. I was recently relocated and had to use this method and found it very difficult to use the full per diem rate, even if I went... more »



Department of Agriculture

Stop Government travel junkets under the guise of training.

Every year, thousands of dollars are wasted on travel for airfare, per diem, hotels, taxi fare, etc. for meetings, or training, consultation etc. The majority of the junkets are to resort areas. In this recession, we can not afford to send upper management officials to vacations under the guise of "training". Send the book or DVD. Do a free teleconference on Skype. If you need a vacation, use your own funds and leave,... more »



Legislative Branch

History of Full Price Airfares??

One of the most popular ideas in this SAVE campaign is to eliminate the requirement to purchase full fare tickets for official travel (along with elimination of the travel agent). Can anyone explain why this requirement was instituted in the first place?


I agree that changes to travel mechanisms should be made, but understanding why the system was originally set up can be helpful to chart how to undo it.



Department of the Treasury

Booking Travel Ahead

Currently, Treasury has no requirements for airline tickets to be bought in advance, leaving senior advisers all the time they need to book the ticket. Yet we also simultaneously require refundable tickets - meaning that if there were any changes, the ticket could be switched.

We would thus be much better off if we required people to book their tickets at least two weeks ahead, and using the "refundable" status of the... more »