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Environmental Protection Agency

Kick the Can, USA!

As summer interns in the Region 9 office of the Environmental Protection Agency, it has been exciting to see that EPA practices what it preaches! One of the best sustainability initiatives in the San Francisco office is to replace personal trash bins with larger bins in communal areas of each floor. This simple act saves money, reduces landfill waste, and gently encourages recycling.

In the EPA’s San Francisco office,... more »



Department of Justice

Fewer trash bags

Our tiny trash cans get new bags every day and it seems like a massive waste (pun intended). Usually the cans only have one or two things in them, and they could easily be dumped out and the bag reused. If instead of replacing the entire bag, the contents of the cans could be dumped and the bags reused, I think we could save a good amount of money. We could have a single designated can in each office for waste which dirties... more »



Department of Energy

Green Trash Disposal for Federal Buildings

Recently I came upon a green way to dispose trash that may help the federal government save money on tipping fees (hauling, disposal, and landfills costs), while helping to generate supplemental electricity and heat for its buildings. There is already a new technology called the Green Energy Machine (GEM), which each unit can process 3 tons of trash daily (wood, paper, cardboard, plastics, food, and agricultural materials)... more »