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Department of Veterans Affairs

Require greater oversight of transit benefits

Some government employees abuse their transit benefits -- for example, someone who receives a transit benefit that fully covers the cost of vanpooling may only use the vanpool one day a week or less. In my area, that cost would work out to a cost to the government of over $20 for each day this employee chooses to use the transit benefit. There should be a standard policy in effect that stipulates what percentage of... more »



Department of Transportation

Allow employees to easily return unused transit benefits

The transit benefit is a great program—it encourages the use of environmentally friendly public transit, and lets employees know they’re appreciated. A requirement of the program is an annual “Integrity Awareness” training, which emphasizes that if an employee does not use all of the allotted transit benefit for a given month, that amount must be deducted from the next month’s benefit. For example, if an employee with... more »



Department of Agriculture

Driving Telework to Reduce Transit Subsidies

Each year the Department of Agriculture (USDA) funds approximately 17 million dollars in transit subsidies for its employees across the country to encourage the use of mass transit for commuting purposes in order to reduce traffic congestion, dangerous greenhouse emissions and pollutants.

Since the beginning of Fiscal Year 2011, USDA has programmed an average of $1.3 million dollars per month for transit fare alone... more »