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Social Security Administration

STOP Paper Disability Applications/Appeals From Authorized Reps!

Every Authorized Representative has Internet Access.

Submitting paper Disability applications/appeals take longer to process and are more difficult to control vs. filing those online. Authorized Reps are paid, they are not unpaid. Many authorized reps file by paper because they are operating on pure volume vs. quality. While SSA is focusing on more quality (read tranparent) they are causing us to waste time, resources,... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

DITCH THE MIDDLE-MUDDLE: Direct & Smart VA Claims Processing!

Today, now, VA has networks and programs mature enough to POTENTIALLY ACHIEVE completely PAPERLESS PROCESSING for many COMPENSATION CLAIMS on the COST-AND-TIME-INTENSIVE FRONT END.
This can be done by PUTTING THE claims processor (VSR) and THE VETERAN claimant TOGETHER by phone, Internet, or face-to-face from the very beginning of the claim process, creating a REAL-TIME, TRANSPARENT COLLABORATION with TRUE TIMELY OUTCOMES..... more »