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Social Security Administration

Allow [Any] Leave Transfers Between [Any] Employees...

Allow any leave (sick, annual, lwop) to be transferred from one employee to another regardless of reason or relation.

Stop using manpower to determine whether someone qualifies for VLTP or not, just set up a log-in system where people that have leave to donate can offer leave to people who are in need of leave. People can enter their own names/requests, self-monitor their leave activity, and others can donate/give... more »



General Services Administration

Use or Lose Leave Donation Program

At the end of each payroll calendar year employees with leave balances over the allowed amount are placed in a "use or lose" status. Often times the leave is in fact lost if they do not make arrangements to carry over their balance, donate the leave, or use it; however each of these options requires action on the employees' part including the option to donate the leave.

I believe the unused time should automatically... more »



Department of Agriculture

Eliminate Redundant Time and Attendance Tracking Systems

Current agency personnel are required to track their time and attendance on two separate tracking systems: WebTA and and internal Excel spreadsheet that mimics WebTA. Both tracking systems provide the same accountability for time and attendance however, the WebTA system is the official tracking system used by agency.

On average it takes each employee approximately 30 minutes to complete both tracking forms. This does... more »



Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Improved time and attendance systems through cooperation

The NRC has been using time and labor software that is cumbersome and outdated, PeopleSoft Human Resources Management System (HRMS). In 2004 the NRC initiated a study to improve the time and labor system. In 2007 the NRC started the process to update the time and labor software, which is still in progress with over one year in delays due to performance issues. In 2001 NASA worked to create an incredibly good piece... more »