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Social Security Administration

Temperature in the buildings

Change the temperature in the buildings by one or two degrees. By altering the thermostat in government buildings by one or two degrees the cost savings can be very large. No one would notice the difference of only one or two degrees. Turning the heat down in the winter or the air conditioning down in the summer by such a small amount would lead to a large cost savings and most people will not notice the change in... more »



Department of Commerce

Thermostat +3 summertime, -3 in winter

I'm tired of having to wear long sleeve shirts in July and short sleeve shirts in January.


It doesn't need to be 70 in the summer, which is exactly what my cubicle thermometer says right now. 72-74 would be fine.


And keep it a bit cooler in the winter as well. Shoot for 68-70, not 74-76 ... which is what i was seeing last winter.