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Department of Veterans Affairs

Raise Taxes on Companies like NIKE that Outsource Work

Raise Taxes on Companies like NIKE that Outsource Work. Then offer tax advantages for companies that keep work in U.S. This could end our budget crisis with revenue it would bring in. We bring jobs to with companies that come back to U.S. with there jobs.



Department of the Treasury

Tax Fraud

I work for the IRS. Every day I see accounts that, because of my training, I can easily see are involved in fraud. I also get taxpayers & preparers who admit to me over the phone that the SSN they are using was bought, stolen, etc. You think there would be a way for me to report this to someone in my agency, wouldn't you? You would be wrong.

I have been told that I can submit a 3949-A, an Information Referral form,... more »