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Department of Homeland Security

Mutual Disaster Recovery Backup (MDRB)

For 2 similar programs in different agencies, let the primary site of one program be the secondary site for the other program, and visa versa. This will reduce or avoid investment and operations & maintenace costs from 4 sites to costs for 2 sites. Each site must be a little more robust, better documented, and scalable in time of disaster to temporarily take on the work load of the other program. Each program will... more »



Department of Housing and Urban Development

Mandate Electrical Demand Reduction During Off-Duty Hours

Mandate via Presidential Directive: all federal offices, employees and contract staff once off-duty shall turn off monitors (not simply sleep mode), fans, cubicle lighting, overhead lighting, ceiling lighting and all other non-essential electrical devices.

Too many lights, fans & monitors remain on after hours. The savings will be tens of millions of dollars (or more). This will also create added synergy in regard... more »


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