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Legislative Branch

Digitize SORNs to Comply with Paperwork Reduction Act

The Privacy Act requires each agency to publish notice of its systems of records in the Federal Register. This notice is referred to as a system of records notice (SORN).

Currently the National Archives requires agencies to print and attach every applicable SORN to the SF-258 when accessioning permanent records to the Archives. NARA recently implemented an Electronic Records system for transferring permanent records... more »



Department of Defense

Combine the SORN and PIA

Many Program Managers with information systems containing personally identifiable information find themselves having to complete a System of Records Notice (required by the Privacy Act) and a Privacy Impact Assessment (required by the e-Government Act). Both the SORN and PIA have overlapping fields, asking the same type of information. Why not establish a law that would combine the SORN and PIA, say a Privacy Data Assessment,... more »