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Department of Health and Human Services

ID - Why my SSN?

Why do you need my Social Security Number for everything and why should that serves as my unique identifier?! Invent a new id number for everyday use or allow me to be creative and make up my own. That way the SSN can be just used for financial purposes-if that was the original intention!!

SSN and credit history can be bed-mates but why drag my patient id and the student id into it?

Lately I have to provide my SSN:... more »



Social Security Administration

Allow Citizens to Print Replacement Social Security Cards Online

Every year, the Social Security Administration processes, prints, and issues tens of millions of replacement Social Security Cards. This costs the government untold printing / postage costs and places an enormous burden on both service representatives and citizens to visit their local office for a replacement.

Instead of reissuing cards on security paper by postal mail, allow citizens to sign in online at and... more »