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Environmental Protection Agency

Kick the Can, USA!

As summer interns in the Region 9 office of the Environmental Protection Agency, it has been exciting to see that EPA practices what it preaches! One of the best sustainability initiatives in the San Francisco office is to replace personal trash bins with larger bins in communal areas of each floor. This simple act saves money, reduces landfill waste, and gently encourages recycling.

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Legislative Branch

More simple ideas

OK, I have an idea so simple that it's brilliant. It's very short and sweet. Why don't we just copy whatever other countries do who are NOT in mega debt? I mean, if another country has laid out a "blueprint", so to speak, and if implementing the way they do things is within the confines of the constitution (or not, depending on who can be placed on the supreme court [see FDR's "New Deal"]), then we should go for it.... more »