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Department of Veterans Affairs

Reuse, Sell or Donate

There are many times when the government updates equipment/furniture. I have frequently seen old equipment/furniture thrown away. This includes computers, TV's, lamps, bedside tables, etc. In an effort to be more environmentally friendly and save money, it would be more effective to either re-use the equipment elsewhere in the VA or with another local agency, sell or publicly auction the old equipment to recover some... more »



Department of Defense

Government Cooperation

This idea is for all government agencies and all supply managers. I would welcome comments.

To help promote cross agency cooperation and save money, create a .gov website similar to Craigslist that agencies requisition for excess property and material in a local area. Why should one agency buy new items, like desks or chairs, when another agency has excess material in a local area? After the item has been listed for... more »