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Department of Health and Human Services

Making Connections More Efficient

Have you ever needed to find someone in your agency that has the expertise or authority to help you on a project? Me too. How long did it take you to finally find the right person? How many emails did you send? Phone calls made? Hours/days wasted?

I propose the federal government invests in and/or creates an interactive web tool on the intranet that let's federal employees create a user profile... with expertise... more »



Department of Homeland Security

Leverage civilian skillsets of CG reservists

The CG regularly trains reservists in military skills that are often unrelated to the vast experience they bring from their civilian employment and education. New initiatives like the Cybersecurity approach will likely bring in high paid contractors and require extensive training for active duty CG. Why not leverage the human capital already existing in the Reserve? This would likely require some changes in PeopleSoft... more »