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Department of Education

Emphasize Keys to Education - Reading, Math, Science

Reading is the key to ALL education. Yet many of our High School grads can't read beyond a 6th grade education. Some grads are illiterate! We need a huge push to ensure all children can read by the time they graduate from elementary to middle school, and we need to catch all those in High Schools and Middle Schools that can't read. This can be done at little cost through Adult Volunteers that come to schools and provide... more »



Department of Commerce

Science Collaboration: transparency of research/methods

There are 3 main benefits from boosting collaboration and increasing transparency within a governmental organization such as NOAA including increase public trust, reduced costs on training new lab members and/or students, and increased 'talk' between labs thus pushing the science forward.

With rising costs of more complicated experiments, increasing scientific collaboration is one of the hottest issues today. There... more »



Department of Defense

Saving Our Nation

The problem with our budget is only a symptom of a greater one.


I couldn't cut my proposal down to <2000 characters, so I am posting the link.


This isn't just about money - it's about our healthcare, our education, our energy and our future.


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