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Department of Defense

Turn off IDLE Engines

The Military base I currently work on has a Civilian police force that utilize large SUVs (Chevy Suburbans) and pickup trucks. These vehicles are always on and running even when officers are away from vehicles. Whether a few minutes or thirty minutes. This idling causes heat damage (wear/tear) to the engine and vehicle components as well as gasoline use. It seems we could save a lot of money by just turning them off.... more »



Department of Agriculture

One More Day - the 32 Hour Work Week

Emphasize the option and benefits of working a 32 hour week (4 8-hour days) and cut salary costs by over 20%.

Many employees are unaware they are eligible to work this part-time schedule which would cut salary expenses by over 20% and give employees an extra day off. Permanent part-time employees still maintain almost all benefits and a part-time year is equal to a full-time year when calculating retirement tenure!... more »



Department of Veterans Affairs

Nursing Supervisor/ retired AFR

I suggest that patient care services give all inpatient nursing staff the option to work 6 twelve hours shifts equaling a 72 hour pay period instead of working 10 eight hours shifts equaling an 80 hour pay period. This would save on gas, and save the VA tons money . This move would bring the VA in step with all other Health care facilities in the area. You would have happier nurses and this would reflect in the care... more »